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Business Spell for Wealth and Abundancemore info…
Business Spell for Wealth and Abundance
This spell is for those who wish to dominate their field of business or for those with their own business who would like to see it grow strong and abundant.
Good Luck Spell
This spell will increase your luck in all games of chance, gambling, lotteries, or anything which requires good fortune.
Price: $299.00
My FAME & SUCCESS SPELL is for artists, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, authors, politicians, or anyone else who needs to compete in a highly competitive field where your talent, poise, demeanor and skill may not be enough! You will need an EDGE to succeed and this spell is it!
__Emergency Funds
Price: $215.00
This is a spell to bring a chunk to money, or some other financial boon,

To the most dire situations.

It is not meant to produce lasting wealth so much as a bail-out to help get you back on your feet as fast as possible.

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