Fertility spells for twins or children to promote ovulation & egg production for a woman who want to conceive .

Fertility spells for a woman to get pregnant with twins

Fertility spells & fertility herbs to increase the chances of getting multiple pregnancies.

Get pregnant with twins after using traditional medicine

Fertility spell should be cast in your most fertile part of your cycle.

To cast this spell you will need to few things

 Get a crystal (fertility, protection of children, happiness, health, physical energy and courage)

• Bovine (or regular knife) Let’s begin ritually wash your hands and feet to prepare your self for offering

Take your bowl of fruit and your agate crystal and go outside (in your garden if you have one.

Otherwise a park or forest), and find a birch tree if you can, but otherwise any healthy tree – choose one you feel drawn to.

If possible cast a circle of protection by that a man or just sit down and conjure up a protective shield around you.

Address the Goddess and God.

Tell them that you are ready to conceive.

You can speak out loud or in your mind.

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